Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the show ?

For most corporate functions, the ideal performance time is 30-45 minutes. Guests have been in meetings, golfing or in business sessions all day. Once they’ve had dinner it’s time for the entertainment. A 45 minute program has enough visual kick that even the most exhausted person can enjoy the performance.

How does Matthew deal with onstage volunteers ?

It’s all about relationships. Performing for 15 years for audiences from all walks of life in over 10 countries, Matthew has developed the ability to read people quickly. Selecting guests that want to be onstage and treating each volunteer with respect, Matthew never asks guests to do anything embarrassing. Even the most introverted person, when dealt with correctly, can be very funny.

Do I need a big stage to book the show ?

No. Not every event is held in a big theater or convention hall that allows for David Copperfield type theatrics. With that in mind Matthew has created a show that packs small and plays BIG. He can tailor material to play in the smallest boardroom or the largest hotel ballroom. Matthew has performed for groups of 20 at intimate resorts and for crowds of 2000 at concert venues and everything in-between.

Is Matthew a magician or a comedian ?

He is not strictly either. Matthew is a comedian AND magician. Style and personality make the show unique. While he is an accomplished sleight of hand and illusion performer, magic is simply the vehicle in which the comedy is delivered. There is a big laugh every 30 seconds throughout the performance… similar to what you would see in a comedy club, only using much cleaner, interactive and corporate friendly material. None of the comedy detracts from the impact of the magical effects. You end up with a show that is very funny, while at the same time makes you wonder. Comedy festivals and television programs recognize Matthew as a prop or variety comedian.

Does he do children’s birthday parties ?