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Take the Boredom out of the Boardroom!

Matthew DiSero thrives on taking the Boredom out of the Boardroom!

“He was absolutely fantastic !! In my 14 years with Pella that was the funniest holiday party ever ! – Pella Windows & Doors

Meetings and events can be engaging. Your entire group becomes a part of the performance and makes for a unique, and special event every single time. 

Interaction with guests is the key. Members of the audience are invited onstage to assist with the magic. SEEMINGLY improvised, Matthew makes your guests the stars of the show.

On stage participants are always treated with respect and, never asked to do anything embarrassing. Always working within the parameters of good taste, the show is clean and corporate friendly.

Audiences of as large as 6000 and and as a small as 15 have become a part of a show that involves chickens, escapes, destroying and resorting a suit jacket, feats of mind reading & a little fun filled danger.

 Matthew’s vast experience allows him to create a show designed specifically for your needs with your demographic in mind resulting in a truly unique and memorable performance every time!

Corporations have chosen to engage Matt as reliable, fun convention entertainment in such exotic locales as Tokyo – Japan, Seoul – South Korea, Cuba, London – England, Cypress, Sydney – Australia, Canada and across the United States. Your event could be next !