About Matthew DiSero


Living in Toronto, Canada, Matthew has worked with comedy greats such as Drew Carey and Jerry Seinfeld, and performs everywhere from The Rio hotel in Las Vegas to corporate events in Italy.

Matthew DiSero is both a comedian and magician, blending the two disciplines together to create the perfect interactive, clean and funny show for after dinner and special events. Talent buyers the world over regularly hire Matthew because he is consistently funny, entertaining and on target with their audiences.

In demand internationally Matthew DiSero can also be seen performing on some of the world’s largest cruise lines such as Princess, NCL, Holland America and Royal Caribbean. Additionally Matt donates his time to performing for the military, entertaining troops in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Italy, Dubai, Cyrpess, Greenland and even WAY up at the North Pole. Yes, he’s been to the actual north pole.

With an eye on social justice and in an effort to be a better global citizen Matthew has partnered with Spread the Net, Rick Mercer’s charitable foundation, and SoChange a Canadian based NGO, to perform in and produce shows that raise money for Malaria relief in Africa. More about the Mosquito’s Suck show can be found here (www.dontbiteme.ca)

SSHHHH….. He also owns working Mrs. Pac Man and Donkey Kong arcade cabinets and has a healthy collection of G1 Transformers and Doctor Who memorabilia . If you’re in Toronto, and near the Annex, stop by for a game and check out the Tardis.